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Pepsi announces it will introduce its NFTs to the Indian market

The Pepsi NFT ecosystem was designed by Timia Balo, illustrator, to co-curate the Pepsi Black NFT collection under the direction of PepsiCo India’s design team. Pepsi India took this step because it wants to reconnect with the country’s youth, who can be found more in the online community than in the traditional business space.

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The company will issue a total of 20 NFTs that will be minted on the Polygon blockchain. Pepsi said that their collection should be based on “innovation, self-expression and evolution,” pillars of the brand. These 20 NFTs will undoubtedly help expand the Pepsi NFT ecosystem.

The Pepsi Black NFT collection should represent and embody the world of Pepsi Black, using various points of passion related to today’s youth, such as fashion, gaming, social media, music, dance, creativity and the environment, as mentioned by Saumya Rator. , category leader, Pepsi Cola, PepsiCo India.

Pepsi India’s three pillars are “Innovation, Self-Expression and Evolution,” and in launching their latest NFT collection, they have not deviated from them. Each NFT is available in three variations, including the original, to preserve the concept of personalization that makes NFTs so popular. There are many new releases in the NFT market in India, such as Pepsi India, because of the ever-growing popularity of this new technology, cryptocurrency and crypto-assets.

The Pepsi NFT ecosystem will be given to the winners of the PepsiBlackeffect contest, which will be held on the social media platform Moj. Those wishing to participate can do so through Pepsi Black, which will give them the opportunity to get their first NFTs. In addition to NFTs, winners will also receive Pepsi merchandise.

When Pepsi enters the NFT market, its spokesperson also mentioned that the current generation likes to express themselves, but all of their expression comes from digital technology. Gen-Z is constantly evolving as a generation, and they are more knowledgeable than their predecessors and can talk about every possible topic from politics to music to games to fashion. There is no shortage of content in the NFT market in India, but such fresh collections are sure to generate buzz around the company and the NFT concept, which has now become an essential part of society.


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